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About the region
Дълбока Мидена ферма  

About the region

Balgarevo is not a big, but a pretty village in North- Eastern Bulgaria near cape Kaliakra, municipality of Kavarna. The village is a convenient place for vacation, which gives peaceful atmosphere and opportunities for eco and village tourism. It is situated near resort complex “Rusalka”, the locality of Dalboka with the famous mussel farm. A popular cultural sight near village of Balgarevo is reserve “Cape Kaliakra”. It is characterized with exuberant vegetable and animal species. For preservation of the reserve, the resources of animal and vegetable kingdom the village is included in a Bulgarian-Swiss programme for preservation of the environment, about which in the centre of Balgarevo is situated a rich cultural-information centre.

Near village of Balgarevo and hotel Akre is located the natural reserve Kaliakra. This is the only place in Bulgaria where can be found steppe grass communities. In 1981 in the sea caves under the cape was still met the monk seal. Here can be observed dolphins, Aristotelian cormorants, hoopoe, thick –billed lark, black-backed wheatear and other rare species, totally 32 types of birds at the plateau part and 12 more at the rock perches.

At the right coast of cape Kaliakra, from the fortress is descending an alley to the built in one of the caves original two-storey restaurant with 160 seats in the cave and 200 seats in open air. A second alley leads the tourists to another, smaller cave, in which is located a museum with valuable archeological exhibits. There is situated and the stamp of the Bulgarian tourist union (working hours: 10:00 AM -19:00 PM without a day off). In August 2006 cape Kaliakra was equipped with a system for art lighting, which consists of more than one-hundred coloured searchlights, which turned it into a beautiful night sea attraction.

The village is located and near the Locality of Bolata. The bay “Bolata” near village of Balgarevo – one uniquely beautiful locality. The beach is widely known and as a place for diving. This is the only reserve in Bulgaria, which includes and an aquatory, sea area. It is a part of reserve “Kaliakra”. It is a firth and a narrow gorge, which cuts into the coast. At its two sides there are rock massifs with cut into them caves. Through Bolata flows a short river, which is fed up by great number of springs. At the place, where it runs into the sea is formed a mouth of a lagoon. In the caves of Bolata are found remains from an ancient settlement and proofs for life since 400 years B.C. – an evidence for the trade of the Second Bulgarian kingdom. There are found unique rock circles, sacrificial rocks, rock caves-dwellings. Over Bolata passes Via Pontica — one of the big air highways of migrating birds from whole Europe. In it nest interesting water-loving birds — small water bull, small loon, kingfisher, ducks and etc.

In the north from village of Balgarevo and hotel Akre along the coastal road and only at 18 kilometers from Kavarna is situated village of Kamen bryag. Kaya bey kyoy – the old Turkish name literally means "The village of the rock master". The name of the village originates from the solitary rock in front of the "Small Yayla" on the sea coast before the village, which symbolizes its place, as well as the rock coast in general at kilometers around, which is high not less than 30 meters.

Those, who have already been here affirm that in this village is made the most bewitching wine and rakiya with savour of herbs and figs. Besides being warm-hearted and hospitable, the people here have preserved untouched recesses from the nature. There is something unique only at half kilometer from here. A place of the cult of the natural elements! The divine wild exquisiteness begins in the North of the village and reaches down South to the resort “Rusalka”, it comprises comparatively big part of the coast stripe.

Archeological reserve “Yaylata” is located 2 kilometers in South from the village and hotel Akre. The archeological locality “Yaylata” is an enormous rock formation with great number of tombs, rock dwellings and early Byzantine fortified wall. In North-Western direction from the village there is a big necropolis of Scythian tombs. At the entrance of “Yaylata” is found and cleared a Thracian sanctuary of the sun. On the high coasts in the North and in the South from the village there are number of megalithic monuments.
On 25 July 2007 in the village was opened an information centre, which gives information about the archeological reserve “Yaylata” and other tourist objects in the region.

In the reserve there is a unique „cave” town with 101 cave-dwellings. There was life in them as early as V century before Christ. One of the cave dwellings was used during the Middle Ages as a temple, about which is judged by the cut into the walls crosses and proto-Bulgarian runes.

During the spring and autumn here is divine beauty – blossom irises, corn-flowers and peonies. It is not accidentally called “yayla” – high pasture. The caves of Yaylata are inhabited by cave pigeons and bats. The Aristotelian cormorant, the hoopoe and the blue crow also „consider” the high pasture for their home. Twice a year here can be observed the millenary migration of 174 types of birds. Here are and the rare for Europe steppe polecat and Newtonian hamster.

In the proximity of village of Balgarevo is situated the resort Rusalka. Rusalka is a sea resort situated in the unique natural reserve „The bird bay“ (popular also as Tauk liman and Nanevska tuzla) in the North from cape Kaliakra. It is at a distance of 20 kilometers in the East from Kavarna, at 35 kilometers from Balchik and at 90 kilometers from Varna.

The vacation settlement, later called vacation club “Rusalka” was established in 1968, as per the French model of „Club Mediterranee“.

The resort is famous for the exotic beauty of its coastal stripe. The exceptionally beautifully cut rocky coast, the small tucked away sand stripes, the century-old oaks and other vegetable species attract many tourists in the „bird bay“, an oasis of the untouched for centuries nature. Near the resort there are mineral springs with temperature 32 degrees centigrade.

Great number of archeological monuments, the most ancient of which date 8000 years, transform the sea coast of “Rusalka” into a unique archeological reserve. The ancient and medieval fortresses, the rock tombs, the caves, the sacrificial stones and nowadays are a centre of attraction for scientists and specialists from all over the world.

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About the region